Is it time for another brake service? So, if your car needs a fresh new set of brakes, you know where to go. Visit us at Morall Brake & More! We’re the top service shop for your vehicle here in Hudson, New Hampshire. Before we get there, let’s talk about stopping power. What are the two different types of brakes that are commonly found on cars?


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Brake System Components


The brakes on your car or truck come down to a couple of principal components. These are known as the master cylinder and the brake booster. The master cylinder is filled to the top with brake fluid and distributes fluid to the brake lines. At the same time, the brake booster is what takes the pedal pressure and transforms it into force.


The pressure by tenfold for the master cylinder. Therefore, it makes it easier to slow down your car. Why? This way,  you don’t have to press down on the brakes as hard. You’ll get a lot of stopping power from just a tiny amount of pressure on the brake pedal.


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Disc Brakes


Most cars nowadays have two sets of disc brakes in the front and back of their vehicle. These braking systems consist of a few different parts: the rotors, calipers, and brake pads. Each of these parts comes together to slow down your vehicle when braking. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure that each one is in tip-top condition! Here’s how disc brakes work.


When you push the brake pedal, brake fluid rushes throughout the brake lines. The hydraulic pressure from this action is converted into a mechanical force that stops your car. In other

words, the pressure results in your brakes engaging. Therefore, the friction between the pads and rotors leads to the vehicle slowing down.


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Drum Brakes


Drum brakes are less standard but an economical way to slow down a vehicle. The drum brake

rotates with the wheel and axel while the brake portion is fixed to the car. When the brake

pedal is pushed, the brake shoe goes out to the brake drum, slowing down the vehicle.


But there is one drawback. Drum brakes are not as efficient as disc brakes. Therefore you won’t

find them as front brakes anymore. On certain economy cars, you will still find brake drums on the rear of the vehicle as a way to save money on overall costs.


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