You might be thinking, “There are interesting things about car brakes?” Yes, there are! Bringing your car into the shop for a brake service might be the extent of how much you think about them. Brakes keep you safe on the road every time you drive! Morall Brake & More can provide you with services that keep your vehicle on the road, where it belongs!

They get hot.

Did you know that modern brakes generate a lot of heat? Like, extremely high temperatures hot. Under average operation, brakes are around 350 degrees Celsius or 662 degrees Fahrenheit! Under a heavy load or driving in mountainous areas, they can reach up to 750 degrees Celsius or 1382 degrees Fahrenheit! You must service your brakes to keep them in great shape!

It’s electric!

Okay, maybe the brakes aren’t fully electric. But in hybrid and all-electric cars, the brakes can help charge the battery! This process is called regenerative braking. The car captures the kinetic energy as it brakes and turns it into electricity. This process then recharges the onboard battery!

Old Time Brakes.

Early brakes only consisted of a block of wood and a lever! Granted, this was back when wheels were just steel-rims. When the vehicle driver wanted to stop, they would pull the lever so the wooden block would rub against the wheel and slow it down!

Safety First!

One of the most significant improvements to brakes over the years was autonomous braking systems or ABS. ABS is where the car is capable of automatically applying brakes in an emergency. This system in your vehicle can help the car get out of the operator’s control on wet or slippery surfaces. It works by preventing your brakes from locking up, which means it can be steered safely. If you ever feel the ABS vibrate, don’t worry! Just keep braking normally. 

Morall Brake & More.

We can provide you with maintenance in our full-service shop whether you have a foreign or domestic car. From brake service to electrical work, Morall Brake & More has a team of experienced technicians ready to handle the job. For more information, visit our website or call us at (603) 889-8788!