Is your car giving you trouble? Do you think there’s a problem with your water pump? We can help with all cooling and heating repairs at your local Hudson auto shop! Morall Brake can help diagnose and fix any issues preventing your car from running at the optimal level. So today, we’re going over the warning signs that your car’s water pump could be failing. 

What does the water pump do?

Unlike some other components, a water pump is necessary for driving. Therefore, you can’t get away with holding off repairs, or else your engine could be affected too. The pump itself controls the flow of coolant into your engine, keeping everything at the proper temperature. Thus, if it’s not working correctly, it can overheat your engine and leave it at risk of damage.

It works by taking water from the radiator, moving it through the motor, and then back to the radiator. This way, the engine can stay at a constant temperature, no matter how cold or hot it is outside. This is why it can lead to overheating if the system starts to fail.

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3 Signs the pump is failing from your Hudson Auto Shop

First of all, we highly recommend that you avoid driving a vehicle with a bad water pump if possible. If unavoidable, drive it to your closest NH auto repair shop, like Mike Brailey’s! Now, here are the signs of a failing pump.

Coolant Leaks

One of the most common signs of a failing water pump is a coolant leak. Most often, this will occur in the front of the vehicle. Have you noticed a colorful puddle underneath the car after sitting overnight? It could be your coolant. Give the water pump an inspection!


Slow, less noticeable leaks can build up junk and debris over time. If you notice a gelled or thick coolant-colored substance around the pump, it could mean that there’s going to be a bigger issue soon. A buildup of rust can also mean that there is a slow leak happening.

Overheating or Steam

Your engine overheating or steam coming out from the radiator are telltale signs of a failing water pump. If you’re noticing lights flashing and lots of steam, it’s time to pull over and call a tow truck before any further damage can occur.

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