Your car suspension system is a complex working of springs, shock absorbers, and links connecting your vehicle to the wheels. If one element is off, your vehicle’s ability to remain in contact with the road can be quickly compromised. At Morall Brake, our ASE certified technicians are here and ready to help keep your vehicle operating at maximum performance. However, knowing the signs of a failing suspension system is a must, no matter what you’re driving. In this article, we’re providing you with three signs that your suspension is calling out for a little TLC.

1. Your vehicle pulls to one side

One of the most common and recognizable signs that your vehicle may need suspension repair is if it’s pulling to one side. For several reasons, your tires may be out of alignment. Left unattended, unaligned tires can lead to more costly and extensive repair needs and even tire replacement.

However, alignment may not be the only reason that you’re experiencing pulling. It’s always best to have your vehicle diagnosed by a team of experienced experts to determine the exact cause of the issue.

2. The ride is bumpier than normal

Shocks and struts help maximize the comfort level of your ride. If you’re feeling every bump in the road, these elements may need replacing. Even the slightest pothole can cause shocks to leak, and if left unrepaired, they can quickly become damaged beyond repair.


3. Steering is difficult

If turning the wheel is more difficult than normal, especially when driving slow, your suspension may need a little TLC. There are a number or component that can contribute to this feeling –

  • Low power steering fluid
  • Faulty steering pump
  •  Leaky power steering rack
  • Loose or worn belts
  • Worn control arm bushings

If you’re experiencing any of the above signs, it’s time to call our team at Morall Brake. As experts in car suspension repair, we’ll quickly and accurately diagnose the problem while providing you with recommendations you can trust. Beyond dependable service, we’ll also provide you with the most affordable pricing around!

To schedule your appointment, contact Morall Brake at (603) 889-8788.

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